Research Discussion on Christensen’s Innovator’s Solution

Jacket cover of Clayton Christensen's bookThis is a workspace in which we can collaborate around insights from, questions about and implications of the narrative explored in Clayton Christensen’ book, The Innovator’s Solution.

In the event you decide to order the book, it’s relevant information may be found here at Barnes & Noble:

To begin, I will reference a variety of places throughout the table of contents, which are restated here:

We look forward to your insights, challenges and references to related works of interest and past experiences applying, or discovering the benefit of, his conclusions.

Table of Contents:

1 The Growth Imperative 1
2 How Can We Beat Our Most Powerful Competitors? 31
3 What Products Will Customers Want to Buy? 73
4 Who Are the Best Customers for Our Products? 101
5 Getting the Scope of the Business Right 125
6 How to Avoid Commoditization 149
7 Is Your Organization Capable of Disruptive Growth? 177
8 Managing the Strategy Development Process 213
9 There Is Good Money and There Is Bad Money 235
10 The Role of Senior Executives in Leading New Growth 267
Epilogue: Passing the Baton 285
Index 293
About the Authors 303

The following threads will be nested sequences of comments to which you may either specifically respond, or you may choose to add a new base comment.  When you do so, please reference the page number to which you’re referring and put as much context as you wish around your observation, question or reference to related material.

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