Whitepapers and Research

Whitepapers and Research below encompass categories of applied and experimental thought leadership in areas as diverse as:

Active listening, Psychographics, Donor management, Content Management, Knowledge management, Marketing, Advertising, Focus groups, Message development, Customer relationship and Network management, Business analysis, Business rules, Information engineering, Information architecture, Enterprise architecture, Software reuse, Alignment, Customer Centered Sales, Application definition, Simulation, Visualization, Storyboarding, Prototyping, User-centered design, User experience engineering, Usability, Functional testing, Automated test execution, User acceptance testing.

Key words and concepts include:

Balanced scorecard, BAM, BCJ, BPEL, BPM, BPMS, CMMI, CSS, dashboard, Eclipse, Java, OOP, RDF, ROI, RUP, Semantic web, SDLC, SLC, Strategy maps, XML, XBRL, XPDL, XSD

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