Business Model Clarification

As your business strategy changes, do you intentionally align your organizational structure, it’s processes and supporting infrastructure in ways that optimize time, human resources and capital investments?

  • If you answer ‘yes,’ to these questions, would your senior managers, supervisors and key line of business staff agree with you and provide role-specific answers that support your perspective?

If your organization is not clearly aligned throughout its departments, divisions, and across leadership levels, we can help you.

In all likelihood, there are challenges aligning leadership and key players with evolving strategic and operational priorities.  Further complicating the situation is the rise in outsourcing, partner-led fulfillment of previously internal core competencies and a complex web of business relationships in which your suppliers may also be your customers.  If any of these circumstances ring true for you, consider learning more about our approach to enriching your operational efficiencies and overall effectiveness.

Based on an expedited assessment of your situation, we can offer the leadership and assistance with the following CMMI-ACQ compliant process area improvement services:

  • Acquisition Requirements Development
  • Portfolio and Project Planning
  • Portfolio Monitoring and Controlling
  • Integrated Project Management
  • Solution and Supplier Agreement Development
  • Agreement Management
  • Acquisition Technical Management
  • Acquisition Verification, Measurement and Analysis
  • Acquisition Validation

For insight into a high-level overview of the benefits of compliance with CMMI for Acquisition process area best practices, click here.